AEI Kicks Off with Exclusive Insights from Sectoral Visionaries

The first day of the conference holds great promise for an exhilarating start, highlighted by a keynote address from South Africa's Minister Gwede Mantashe of the Department of Mineral Resources & Energy.


The 15th Africa Energy Indaba (AEI) conference is set to commence on March 7, 2023, at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. With the African energy sector at a critical juncture, the AEI is poised to provide invaluable insights and solutions to the challenges facing the sector.

The first day of the conference, themed “The Great Awakening for the African Energy Sector,” holds great promise for an exhilarating start, highlighted by a keynote address from South Africa’s Minister Gwede Mantashe of the Department of Mineral Resources & Energy. Minister Mantashe will share his personal insights and experiences regarding the complexities and prospects of the energy landscape in Africa, setting the tone for the rest of the conference.

Following the address, the event will feature multiple plenary sessions that will delve into critical topics including but not limited to: policies aimed at advancing the growth of the African energy sector, the ongoing energy transition within the African context, optimising the value of Africa’s resources, as well as analysing the outcomes and implications of the Africa COP. These sessions will provide a platform for industry experts to engage in riveting discussions, share best practices, and identify viable solutions to urgent energy-related challenges that confront Africa. Further, the distinguished roster of speakers and relevant subject matters are positioned to offer comprehensive insights and viable solutions that will be crucial in propelling the expansion and advancement of Africa’s energy terrain.

Apart from the high-level sessions, the inaugural day of the conference is set to feature the commencement of the AEI exhibition. This event serves as a highly pertinent platform for companies actively engaged in presenting their solutions for significant energy projects on the African continent, including those relating to rural energy solutions, urbanisation, and energy requirements, as well as the renewables and sustainable energy sector and its management. The exhibition provides exhibitors with a valuable opportunity to showcase their organisations to global business counterparts, international investors, buyers, and governments, thereby enhancing their visibility and potentially leading to mutually beneficial partnerships.

Moreover, the exhibition offers exciting potential for attendees to network and explore the latest energy products and services from leading companies.

The AEI 2023 is an indispensable convening that will serve as a source of inspiration for attendees to effectuate change, instigate essential modifications, and establish meaningful connections with other participants to further their businesses and careers. Backed by a history of successful outcomes, the imminent symposium represents a sound investment of both time and resources and has the potential to exert a significant impact on the energy sector and the broader economy of the continent by fostering positive transformations.

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