A New Era on African Mining

By Willemien Raath

Africa, an abundant source of natural gas and mineral reserves has been one of the world’s leading producers and exporters of copper, coal, platinum, gold, diamonds, uranium, aluminium, gas and oil.

Following the recent figures released by Statista, the primary mineral targets for the DRC, of one being copper, has increased from 102 000 metric tons to 1 200 000 metric tons in the last three years. Making the DRC the fifth largest producer of copper in the world and coincidentally the largest provider in Africa.

The same statistics have shown that with the integrated mining improvement and growth, Zambia is short on their heels being second to providing economic interest and investments from their export earnings. In the last eight years they have had an increase from 690 000 metric tons in 2010 to 870 000 metric ton in 2018.

Similarly, with the advancement of one industry it is possible to increase on the development of another. The development of new technology and its coalescence with other scientific fields have allowed for a far greater potential of exploration and extraction of various mineral composites. 

As an operations critical component to the Mining process, the advances in Large Format Printing technology is mirroring the advances made in other sectors within the mining process. The concept of ultra-speed, security and accuracy from Draught-to-print cannot be underestimated as this allows optimal turnaround times. Uber design has now brought us, unthinkable speeds in A0+ printing with only the paper that is moving. Having no moving parts has finally brought with it predictable, safeguarded services and maintenance cycles that eliminate the biggest cause of unexpected downtime. The result has been truly revolutionary.

Midcomp Azero is the sole licence holder of the Hp PageWide XL, the benchmark for modern large format printing technology, in South Africa. It’s printing speed and accuracy has achieved what many thought to be impossible. Up to 30 A1 prints per minute, with ultra-fast processing capabilities, the user’s time is freed up substantially.

Our users in various established entities of the mining, civil and geographical markets have enjoyed not only the fast, secure, cost-effective and low energy rating of the Hp PageWide XL itself but also the exceptional services that Midcomp Azero has provided for them. From maintenance, contracts and consumable provisions, all the users’ printing needs are met with little to no inconvenience.

Fully comprehending the value of time and precision in this highly specialized field, equipped and trained to solve any large format constraint, the team at Midcomp Azero offers fast solutions to printing quandaries or possible interruption.

Together these industry advances are a credit to the planning, structuring and implementation of ground-breaking sciences and technology. Being at the forefront of all mineral and geotechnical engineering is quickly becoming the African hallmark of mining.

For more information, contact us at (012) 803 0607

Or https://midcomp.co.za/hp-pagewide-xl/ Check out the latest video’s on the Hp PageWide XL at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5-9_n0FQEE


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