World-first smart exploration rover – NOMAD – unveiled at the Future Minerals Forum in Riyadh


Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) is unveiling its groundbreaking smart exploration rover, NOMAD, at the highly-anticipated Future Minerals Forum (FMF) in Riyadh. This world-first innovation will mark a significant milestone in the evolution of exploration technology, promising to change early-exploration efforts as we know them.

NOMAD, a remotely operated soil sampling robot, has been specifically designed to thrive in the most challenging terrains, such as those found in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. ERG’s commitment to cutting-edge exploration technology is demonstrated by NOMAD’s arrival on the global stage. The robot’s capabilities promise to redefine the way early-stage exploration is tackled, while contributing to a smarter, greener, and more sustainable economy.

“NOMAD exemplifies the core objective of ERG Arabia, which is to push the boundaries of what is possible in the mining sector to advance efficiency, sustainability, safety, skills development and a smarter approach to exploration,” said Benedikt Sobotka, CEO of Eurasian Resources Group. “ERG aims to redefine exploration and mining practices and help evolve the industry to be more responsive and responsible in meeting the global demand for critical minerals.”

At FMF, ERG Arabia will unveil the first NOMAD in its fleet, offering attendees a unique opportunity to view this groundbreaking innovation, learn how it operates, and engage with the teams who developed, and now operate it.

The robot, based on Mars rover technology, incorporates three core elements that make it fit-for-purpose in exploration contexts:

  1. a remote, all-wheel drive semi-autonomous navigation system, key to navigating the Kingdom’s challenging terrain;
  2. the inclusion of a multi-sensor platform that allows for efficient and immediate scanning of samples, integral to efficient, safe and methodical sampling; and
  3. a built-in, percussion soil drill, that digs 80cms into the earth’s surface, to fast-track sampling and transfer to the scanning trays.

These features boost efficiency by taking more than 120 samples per day – a major improvement on the maximum of 30 samples that can be achieved manually. With rising temperatures and increasingly arduous geological work conditions, NOMAD can perform formerly manual work more safely and proficiently, while allowing exploration of larger surface areas faster. Expedited analysis provided by ERG’s end-to-end smart exploration solution – which includes a central, remote, mobile analysis base station – fast-tracks decision-making and reduces the risk of fruitless exploration efforts, decreasing resource wastage and environmental impact.

ERG’s pioneering efforts in deploying smart technology are not only aimed at supporting its regional projects and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, but also at propelling innovation across the mining sector globally. NOMAD’s unveiling is a testament of the company’s commitment to shaping the future of exploration and resource development.

NOMAD was developed by ERG Technology Intelligence – a division of Eurasian Resources Group – in partnership with esteemed Chile-based robotics company, Godelius. This strategic partnership aims to further enhance NOMAD’s capabilities, solidifying ERG Arabia’s commitment to continuous innovation in the mining sector.


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