Verlinde Cranes & Hoists Delivers the Biggest Jib Crane to Black Rock Operations in South Africa


VERLINDE Cranes & Hoists has been eager to announce the completion of the biggest jib crane at Black Rock Operations, in South Africa. Located on Nchwaning 2, the jib crane forms part of the Black Rock Expansion Project (BREP) and will assist with service and maintenance of the new load-out station.

Sitting atop a 40 meter load-out station, the jib crane has an overall height of lift of 47 meters and a span of 10 meters. The performance of the jib is further complimented by a 5 ton Verlinde wire rope hoist, the EUROBLOC VT, which on its own accounts for over 50 patents exclusive to VERLINDE Lifting Equipment.

“This is the biggest jib crane completed by Verlinde Cranes & Hoists, and the biggest jib on Black Rock, and possibly the biggest jib in southern Africa,” says Warren Shankland, MD of Verlinde Cranes & Hoists, South Africa. “The completion of this project further cements our commitment to delivering lifting solutions to our customers, where it matters.”

Initiated in 2014, the Black Rock Expansion Project aims to increase output of the Black Rock Operations in the Northern Cape, South Africa. The expansion project is set to be in full operation by 2020, and will have the capacity to increase current output of 3.2Mt to 4.6Mt per annum. The expansion project includes three underground mining complexes – Gloria, Nchwaning 2 and Nchwaning 3.

“The loadout station is the final point of contact the product will have with the mine before being transported to port for shipment, and there for is a valuable part of the production process at Nchwaning 2,” says Shankland.

As South Africa’s largest source of manganese ore products, and also one of the oldest mining operations in the country, modernization of the mines has been crucial in order to meet the increase in demand of high-grade manganese ore products, while at the same time, ensuring the mines longevity.

“The BREP demanded effective solutions to maximize output, the inclusion of the crane to assist with maintenance will prove to be a valuable long term investment,” says Shankland, “any unnecessary downtime will have a negative impact on production and business.”

Verlinde Cranes & Hoists has been the official distributors of VERLINDE Lifting Equipment in Africa for over 40 years. Managing Director of VERLINDE Lifting Equipment, Francois Gurniki, says the involvement with projects in southern Africa, and Africa, have always been rewarding and he is optimistic about future collaborations.

“Verlinde Cranes & Hoists South Africa has been our official distributor for many years now, our collaboration has always been fruitful in the past and will be more in the future,” says Gurniki. “There is a real expectation of our lifting solutions in this market. We have the same approach, the desire for simplicity and efficiency. We found a true complementarity to raise the standard of performance”, says François Gurniki, MD of VERLINDE Lifting Equipment, France.

“Our long-standing relationship with Black Rock reaches as far back as the 90’s and it was a privilege to have been a part of assisting the mine with the necessary upgrades to improve production and meet their business goals,” says Shankland.


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