Royal Purple® BioMax green lubricants and greases for environmentally conscience operations.

ISO-Reliability provides full-service lubrication solutions for marine applications

Royal Purple® BioMax lubricants from ISO-Reliability Partners are high performance environmentally acceptable lubricants formulated with renewable, readily biodegradable synthetic base stock and proprietary additives to provide superior lubrication and protection for equipment.

BioMax meets the 2013 US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Vessel General Permit (VGP) restriction placed on use and discharge of lubricants in oil-to-sea interfaces. VGP is a regulation put in place to stop harmful lubricant discharge and its impact on US waterways. This is in accordance with the Vessel Incidental Discharge Act (VIDA), a US EPA framework to regulate incidental discharges from commercial vessels.

Being VGP compliant means that BioMax is an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL). It is also EU Ecolabel certified, a European certification for products and services that meet the highest environmental standards. “The Ecolabel logo on Royal Purple® BioMax guarantees environment suitability as it meets strict environmental criteria agreed by every European member state. EU Ecolabel is credible, comprehensive, and prominent in the industry,” comments Craig FitzGerald from local distributor ISO-Reliability Partners.

Designed for environmentally sensitive areas, BioMax is more than 60% biodegradable and bio renewable. It is non-bio-accumulating and has passed all relevant EPA and Ecolabel toxicity testing. “It far outperforms typical EAL fluids due to the unique base oils, additive chemistry, and superior formulation,” highlights FitzGerald.

Added benefits include outstanding corrosion properties, demulsibility, and cleanliness, together with excellent hydrolytic, thermal, and oxidative stability. BioMax has exceptional anti-wear, extreme pressure and film strength properties, a wide operating temperature range, and is compatible with most common elastomers and seals.

Formulated from a synthetic PAO, BioMax EAL products far exceed the performance of standard industrial type lubricants however they can be used with confidence in sensitive ecological areas such as inland waterways, offshore and shipping ports, construction and mining, forestry, water treatment facilities, food manufacturing and pharmaceutical equipment.

ISO-Reliability provides full-service lubrication solutions for marine applications, which include high performance gear oils, hydraulic oils and stern tube oils which are re biodegradable, have minimal toxicity, non-emulsifying, non-bio accumulative, provides excellent seals compatibility in preventing leakage, protection for bearings, propeller shaft and stern tube at varying operating temperature conditions, notes FitzGerald.

BioMax Multi-Purpose EP Grease 2 is a calcium sulphonate grease made from a novel, synthetic thickener that is biodegradable, renewable, non-toxic, non-bio accumulative which provides high-performance and uncompromised protection for greased machinery while meeting all international environmental standards.

BioMax delivers exceptional extreme pressure protection and anti-wear properties, high thermal and oxidative stability, and a wide operating temperature range. It also provides excellent rust and corrosion protection and resistance to water displacement and spray-off. This is especially critical in harsh marine environments where equipment is exposed to wet and highly corrosive conditions.

ISO-Reliability Partners is the official South African distributor for Royal Purple® of the US, which develops products that significantly outperform other synthetic and mineral-based oils for both consumer and industrial use. Products include commercial engine oils, environmental and food-safe lubricants, gear lubricants, Ultra Performance grease and a wide variety of industrial lubricants.


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