Mutanda Mining and Equity-BCDC launch a development project in the agri-food sector.

Nathalie Djumah, MUMI Community Engagement Sustainability Superintendent, moderating at the ProAc launch

At a workshop held at the Kisenda school in Lualaba province, on 20 June 2024, Mutanda Mining (a Glencore Group company in partnership with the DRC government) and Equity-BCDC launched a development project in the agrifood sector, aimed at empowering communities around its operations.

Called ProAc, the project aims to develop a sustainable agri-food sector that contributes to economic diversification, financial inclusion, food security, wealth creation and improved livelihoods.

Two distinct aspects will be highlighted to achieve these objectives: capacity building through technical assistance to beneficiaries, and access to financing.

Hugues Munung, Head of Environment and Community Projects at Mutanda Mining, said:

“… Mutanda Mining is proud to implement this project for the benefit of the surrounding communities, as there is no doubt that it will have a positive impact not only on the socio-economic conditions of our populations but also enable a significant take-off of the Lualaba province, in the field of agriculture and fish farming…”

Taking his turn to speak, Dominique Lumumba, Head of Equity BCDC’s Value Chain and Agricultural Market Development Unit, accompanied by Eric Salumu, Head of Lualaba branches, declared:

“EquityBCDC, through its Social Investment Department, will provide technical assistance related to agricultural financing and access to credit. This financing will be given not only to the direct beneficiaries of the project, but also to SMEs and other players in the agricultural value chain”.

The launch took place in the presence of representatives of the provincial authorities, notably the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock, representatives of the communities benefiting from the project and neighboring Mutanda Mining’s operations, as well as numerous notables from the province.


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