MODEL RMS Non Contact Motion Control


The model RMS-G (Non-Contact Motion Control) manufactured by Conveyor Components Company is a versatile zero speed control, which can provide protection to various types of rotating equipment.  The RMS controller uses an inductive proximity sensor and a ferrous target disk affixed to the end-shaft to determine if a piece of equipment is rotating or if it has lost motion.

The RMS controller now incorporates some of the latest advances in electronic technology, such as “surface mount” componentry, which allows the circuit board assembly to be lower in profile, lighter in weight, and reliable in operation.

The RMS zero speed control is available in a NEMA 4 weatherproof polycarbonate enclosure, with either 120 VAC, 240 VAC, 24V AC/DC input power (specify when ordering).  The unpowered DP/DT output relay is capable of 5 amps at 120 VAC or 240 VAC.  The inductive sensors, sensor mounting brackets and target disks are sold separately.

If you would like additional information on this or any other products that Conveyor Components Company offers please contact their sales department toll free 800-233-3233, fax 810-679-4510, e-mail or visit their website at   An ISO 9001 registered company.


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