High-efficiency switching solutions enhance productivity and safety in coal mining


Becker Mining South Africa – specialists in safety, energy distribution and communications technologies for the mining sector – has recently launched a new generation energy distribution system that has been specially developed to enhance productivity and safety in the challenging conditions of local underground coal mines.

The mobile Compact ENDIS CS4008-L system – developed in collaboration with the company’s German manufacturing specialists – is a user-friendly switching solution, designed to enhance the safety of workers underground and to streamline operations for efficient management, dramatically reducing downtime.

This advanced gate-end-box encompasses the latest technologies to ensure seamless functionality, optimum safety and dependable underground real-time communications. The ENDIS CS4008-L is easily configured to exact equipment requirements and easily suits current mining needs.

According to Becker Mining specialists, it is critical for the local coal mining sector to urgently move away from equipment which utilises age-old technologies and practices. The new ENDIS CS4008-L switching system has established a successful track record, with over 500 installations throughout Europe, over 25 years.

This system has now been adapted and configured for tough African conditions and is set to transform energy-distributing systems in the local coal mining sector. The tailored Compact ENDIS CS4008-L automatic switching solution has been developed to enhance safety, efficiency, and productivity in managing underground mining operations.

This new station, which prioritises the safety of mining personnel, boasts advanced features including a much reduced physical size and weight savings, for easy operation in confined underground spaces.

The compact configurable enclosure – which is certified to stringent international flameproof standards (ATEX and IECEx certification for flameproof equipment) – encompasses important equipment protection features via an advanced digital electrical management system. This includes a single 14” monitor with a fully loaded, simplified centralised module management system, looking after the 1000 V circuit breaker module, 6 x twin contactor modules (12 x 250 amp outputs) and a twin lighting module.

Quick access doors utilise the latest mechanical locking device technology, while motorised slide-in modules incorporating a self-aligning mechanism, are effortlessly retracted and extended. Breakdowns and module replacements are completed in minutes, having accessible spare modules available on hand. Furthermore, all repairs are conducted by expert technicians in controlled environmental conditions, preventing undesirable contamination.

To enhance operator efficiency, the switching states of the slide-in modules and their programmed variables are graphically displayed. This system, with real-time communication features, provides accurate status and diagnostic reports to control rooms, accelerating remedial action plans for greater safety and higher efficiencies.

ENDIS CS4008-L offers substantial time savings during installation, maintenance and operation, to reduce undesirable downtime costs and optimise coal production yields. All electrical equipment is connected to an option of 12 flameproof socket connections which are situated and accessible on the rear side of the unit. This feature offers further protection against possible injury to the operator when switching equipment during operations.

The ENDIS CS4008-L is now available from Becker Mining with an option of a robust trailer or skid-mounting, to suit various underground hanging wall restrictions, enhancing flexibility in deployment.

Becker Mining’s team of experts offers a complete solutions service to ensure energy supply, communication and transport solutions, which are customised to meet the exacting requirements of each mine and to accommodate stringent quality and safety requirements.

The company’s specialist services to the mining sector include energy distribution, communications and automation solutions, mechanical and transportation systems, and steel arch roof supports. The company is also the exclusive distributor of verope mining’s, special mining wire ropes.


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