Electrically operated diaphragm pumping solutions improve fluid handling productivity

BMG has extended its range of Ingersoll Rand ARO fluid handling products to include the new EVO series™ electric diaphragm pumps, designed to enhance energy efficiency and improve fluid handling productivity

BMG has extended its range of Ingersoll Rand ARO fluid handling products to include the new EVO series™ electric diaphragm pumps, designed to enhance energy efficiency and improve fluid handling productivity.

These versatile electric diaphragm pumps – which incorporate features that have previously not been available in a single pump solution – are engineered to deliver high performance and serviceability, enabling users to achieve high efficiency and the best cost of ownership.

“The new EVO series is the next development from leading manufacturers, with almost 100 years’ experience in pumping technology. This series integrates key benefits of ARO air operated pumps incorporating important features from other pump technologies, to offer an efficient electric diaphragm pump with controllability,” says Joe Pinheiro, BMG’s National Product Manager, Pumps. “Conventional electric pumps normally have a double diaphragm design with a direct drive electric motor, while new ARO EVO pumps have a specially-designed triple diaphragm, with an integrated variable drive, maintenance-free gearbox and control panel. The leak free design with a secondary containment system, prevents the escape of hazardous fluids and oils and is enhanced by automatic leak detection.

“These low-maintenance pumps, which have been designed for extended service life, even during high load conditions, offer low pulsation. Due to the high-resistant three chamber design, there is no need for a pulsation dampener. “It has a true deadhead when the downstream valve is closed, automatically preventing the pump’s spinning and holding the pressure.”

EVO electrical diaphragm pumps that can handle the most aggressive and corrosive fluids, are available from BMG in a choice of two sizes and five different materials of construction. Size 1” pumps are equipped with a 2.2 kW gear motor and 3.0 kW VFD that provides versatility for small batch and dosing applications. Size 2” pumps are equipped with a 5.5 kW gear motor and 7.5 kW VFD for large fluid transferring applications.

EVO metallic diaphragm pumps are manufactured in Cast Iron, Aluminum and Stainless Steel for applications that require durability and tensile strengths. Non-metallic options include Polypropylene and conductive Polypropylene for high corrosion resistance – especially useful in caustic services in the chemical industry.

These electric diaphragm pumps, which conform to stringent international quality and safety specifications, are also supplied with hazardous duty certifications for hazardous environments. Typical applications for these pumps are in processing, mining, wastewater treatment, manufacturing and general industry.

Other important features of EVO electrically operated diaphragm pumps are easy installation and maintenance – even in confined spaces and because this is a single pump system, there is no need for users to purchase accessories. This system, with built in control and monitoring capabilities, is IOT ready and offers full integration through PLC or HMI devices.

Also in BMG’s ARO range are the PRO series air-operated diaphragm pumps, designed to efficiently pump any type of liquid – from clean, light to medium viscosity fluids, to highly corrosive and abrasive fluids. ARO pumps can also transfer large particles without damaging the pump.

Notable features include a seal-less, self-priming design, with low material shear and minimal maintenance requirements. These portable pumps are easy-to-install and can run dry without damage. Most ARO diaphragm pumps are ATEX certified (CE Ex11 2GD X) enabling safe use in potentially explosive areas. This feature makes the ARO pumps ideal for underground applications, such as dewatering.

ARO PRO series air-operated diaphragm pump air motors, which are lubrication-free, have positive sealing characteristics and make use of a specially designed unbalanced air valve to prevent stalling issues associated with operation at low pressures. Exhaust valves divert cold air away from components that are prone to ice build-up.

Metallic and non-metallic air-operated diaphragm pumps are available from BMG in various materials and porting configurations to suit numerous applications, including transfer, loading/unloading/filling, re-circulation, system flushing and batching/blending in many industries.

A range of speciality pumps is also available from BMG, including Stainless Steel sanitary pumps (FDA compliant), 2:1 & 3:1 highpressure pumps, submersible double diaphragm pumps, air driven submersible pumps, anti-freeze blending pumps and UL-approved fuel transfer pumps.

BMG supports this range with a technical advisory service to ensure the selection of the most suitable pump for every application. The company also supplies a full range of ARO diaphragm pump parts and accessories for standard repair and maintenance requirements.


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