Dafo Vehicle launches sustainable fluorine free suppression agent, Forrex EVO


Dafo Vehicle, a global leader in fire safety for vehicles in high-risk industries, has released its new and improved Forrex EVO suppression agent in line with incoming rules to reduce fluorine content in agents around the world.

Forrex EVO supersedes Dafo Vehicle’s original Forrex agent, upholding its effective flame knockdown, high penetration capability and fast cooling effect, while enhancing the environmental credentials as a fluorine-free alternative. The suppression agent is designed to suppress fires by creating a resistant foam blanket on top of the catalyst, fuelling the fire and adding a cooling effect to rapidly extinguish the fire. The new suppression agent will be rolled out across all business segments.

The industry has been witnessing an increased demand and has prioritised environmental solutions. Over the last couple of years this has translated into changes coming from both the UN and the European Chemical Agency (ECA). The ECA announced plans to restrict the use of fluorine in foam suppression, which is expected to come into act in 2025, and will be a requirement in most European countries.

In advance of the forthcoming restrictions, Dafo Vehicle undertook a 12-month R&D programme to develop its Forrex agent to remove the small percentage of fluorine in its formula, producing a fluorine-free suppression agent, Forrex EVO. Graduating from R&D, Forrex EVO has passed all market standards, including SBF 127:17, SPCR 199, SP method 4912 rating C3A and ECE R-107.

Anders Gulliksson, Product Manager at Dafo Vehicle, said: “As leaders in the industry, we hold ourselves to be able to evolve and adapt in response to the quickly changing nature of fire risk. We must remain agile and dynamic, investing in R&D to pioneer and develop the safest solutions. And this is exactly what we have delivered with the launch of Forrex EVO. A year in the making, we have ensured that the product meets the highest safety and environmental standards.

As we get closer to the restriction deadline, we encourage customers to get in contact and implement good practice by adopting the use of fluorine-free agents into their current suppression systems.”

To learn more about Forrex EVO speak to a Dafo Vehicle specialist.


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