Criterion Equipment’s TCM forklift trucks ensure high efficiency and extended service life in tough mining conditions


Criterion Equipment’s robust TCM forklift trucks – with capacities from 2.5 Ton to 20 Ton – are gaining popularity as dependable workhorses in tough conditions, including harsh mining applications.

“Mining operations are complex and demanding environments, where advanced equipment enhances productivity, efficiency and safety. Forklift trucks are among the critical tools and technologies that contribute to the success of materials handling operations – from carrying heavy metal pipes, drums of chemicals and raw materials, to handling large engineering components for maintenance,” says Brenton Kemp, Managing Director of Criterion Equipment, exclusive distributors of TCM forklift trucks in Southern Africa. “Robust TCM forklift trucks have been engineered for flexibility, maneuverability and heavy lifting capabilities, playing a crucial role in streamlining processes and ensuring the smooth functioning of mining operations.

“Forklift trucks also enhance safety by reducing manual handling tasks and minimising the risk of accidents associated with heavy lifting.

“What’s important for the mining industry, is the selection of the correct forklift to efficiently move awkward, heavy materials and equipment around vast mining sites and to be able to operate safely in tight spaces and on rugged terrain. Although these machines all look similar, every brand, size and type of forklift truck has different features for performance, safety, maintenance requirements and service life.

“During forklift selection, it is also critical – particularly in the mining industry – to consider harsh, dusty operating conditions and to be sure the machine is able to cope efficiently and safely on arduous terrain. It is also important for remote mines to have the assurance of a dependable maintenance and repair service and the quick supply of OEM approved forklift parts.”

Criterion Equipment’s team of experts offers an on-site consultation service to the mining sector advising on which machine is best suited for each specific task, to ensure the highest levels of productivity and safety on site.

 The company has supplied many units recently to mines throughout Africa, that operate in the busy mining areas and in surrounding stores and maintenance facilities. Although the majority of these forklift trucks are diesel powered, there is a growing demand for battery powered forklifts for use in stores and warehouses.

Advancements in forklift technology – particularly in eco-friendly electric models – contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing harmful carbon emissions, lowering noise levels, enhancing energy efficiency and minimising environmental impact.

The emphasis on eco-friendly practices within the mining sector highlights the importance of integrating innovative solutions into mining operations.

Criterion Equipment’s 4-wheel electric counter-balance TCM FB-IX series – known for reduced operating costs, greater controllability, low noise and modern ergonomics – has been engineered for high productivity and safe operation. Of particular importance are impressive energy-saving features that improve productivity by ensuring low electric consumption and allowing longer working hours per charge.

Criterion Equipment has recently delivered a number of new TCM 10 T and 7 T diesel powered forklifts to local mines and mining supply companies.

These versatile and durable machines have been engineered to operate efficiently and safely in all weather conditions, over rough terrain and in tight spaces.

TCM units also ensure easy handling, greater stability, cost-efficient operation, low maintenance requirements and extended service life, even in harsh, dusty conditions.

One of the key advantages of TCM forklift trucks is versatility. These machines can be customised with a variety of attachments to suit specific mining tasks, like lifting, loading and stacking various types of materials. Optional attachments for safely handling palletised goods, bulk materials, or oversized equipment, include fork extension sleeves, fork positioners, load grabs and rotating forks.

Criterion Equipment’s service includes a national field services facility, which provides assistance during breakdowns, the repair and maintenance of machines and maintenance contracts. The company’s national workshops are also able to completely refurbish an existing machine according to OEM specifications.

The company’s extensive range – which is available from a national branch and a distributor network – comprises all models of TCM forklift trucks, covering most forklift classes. These include electric counter-balance trucks, reach trucks, powered pallet trucks, as well as Internal Combustion (IC) counter-balance trucks.

 TCM forklift trucks ensure reliable operation and low maintenance requirements in all sectors, including mining, general engineering, manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, agriculture and construction.


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