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Stainless distance coupling

JAKOB Antriebstechnik offers various stainless steel couplings as standard series. These include the WD-VA distance coupling series, which is manufactured using the extremely easy-to-install half-shell hub design. Assembly and disassembly of the coupling are no longer a problem even in cramped installation conditions.

The fixed hub halves are placed on the shaft and bolted to the loose half-shell pieces. Especially with fixed shaft journal, the service case can mean that the drive and / or output unit must be laboriously dismantled, which is thus eliminated. Due to the stainless steel construction, it is also ideal for use in the food industry.

The distance coupling WD-VA is available in variable lengths of up to 3m and offers a backlash-free torque transmission. It can also be used at temperatures of up to 350°C and includes shaft diameters of 7 – 85mm with torque ranges from 10 – 1600Nm.

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